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May 31, 2016

Ryangs Infotek has filled up with an High quality ‘nerds’ who give u a quality Website
We promise you a website that drives the best return for your investment.

Steps in the Website Development Process:

We have adopted a process in developing a website which has been proven to give the maximum benefits for both our clients and our website team. The steps involved are simple and practical producing a quality website in the shortest possible time.

Collection of the resources, reference materials such as brochures, PPTs, and company logo, corporate photos, company profile or professional resume, etc. and the navigation links of your wish such as ‘home’, ‘about us’, ‘products’, ‘services’, the type of website (dynamic/multi-language etc) and the required pages.

Review of the target audience and online competitors.

Based on the collected information the team will consider the colour scheme-(mostly the corporate colour, or the colour of the client’s choice). Design of the navigation structure and layout.

Developing the script based on the provided information. If you are providing the script, we would appreciate if your content is available in softcopy format (e.g. MS Word, MS PowerPoint, etc)

Based on the agreed number of pages and script, the team starts to create the individual web pages needed for your website. In this Step we create all the following:

Main navigation links
Internal links
External links
PLUS! A Search Engine friendly sitemap

We use modern coding method in all our HTML, XHTML and CSS codes.

Build the Web Site with Content Management – The development phase involves converting the approved layouts into an operational website. Our developers work in close interactions with the designers to ensure that the actual website is an exact reflection of the final screen designs.

Integration of content with the design – Once the basic website framework has been established, our developers will begin integrating the content with the design. During the development phase our technicians will register your company’s domain name and configure your email accounts. As an interim solution, we will create an attractive holding page that displays the basic contact information.

Quality Check
Before the approved website is deployed on the live server, our developers conduct rigorous usability and quality assurance testing to ensure that your website functions correctly.

Cross-Browser compatibility Test
We will test your website to make sure it will appear and function properly on a variety of operating systems the following web browsers:

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

Fixing of broken links
Before making your website available online, we will conduct a thorough check for dead links and/or wrong landing pages.

Website Forms functionality test
Any web-to-email forms and/or interactive pages included in your website will be tested to ensure they are functioning properly.

Having successfully completed the exhaustive testing, our development team will place the website on our local staging server for your final review.

Error Testing – Although we have already tested your website for errors, there’s still a need to conduct series of testing when it is hosted on the public server.

Website Launch: Going On-line Although not really part of our core service, we can help you in registering the domain name of your choice and have it hosted to a reliable web hosting company.


  • Drupal development
  • E-Commerce development
  • Joomla Development
  • Moodle Development
  • WordPress Development

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